Muddah Gives Hope To The Dreamers with “Mdogo Mdogo”

Muddah Mdogo Mdogo music video.jpeg

“Mdogo mdogo...” That’s how Muddah lures you into his latest music video that reflects the Kenyan rapper in his element. Off his debut hip-hop album Nairobi Youth II, the 2019 single was produced by 47 People of Lifetime Music label. Their witty tagline reads “Come build castles with us, we've imagined enough”.

Unlike his previous releases Legit and Masaa ya Ibada, the Nairobi youth takes it easy with lo-fi hip hop beats to cement the vibe. He raps about the city life of partying in Westy and chasing your dreams using Sheng and Swahili - which are his strong points.  

It’s the story of a young rasta representing Ungem aka Kangemi to the fullest.

One of the unique Kenyan music videos of 2019, Mdogo Mdogo was directed by Black Ink and edited by the visionary Natasha Ayoo. It weaves in the love of Kenyan fashion and music in one music video. And its visual tricks are made to keep you glued to the screen. 

Muddah enlists his gangsta squad to flaunt Nairobi streetwear brands and celebrate their urban authentic style. As a result, you get a front-row seat of the men's fashion show as they parade Bongosawa, 1V1 Garments, Spoonful Vintage, Streetlature and Lamodeklvn. 

The Nairobi queens later show up flexing and looking fierce. And the white background makes their unique outfits pop. 

Muddah and model Mdogo Mdogo video Kenyan fashion.jpeg

Muddah also sports an E-Sir T-shirt, the same one he wore during his Nairobi Youth 2 listening party at the Railways Museum. During his live performance, his Ariff (reference from his 2016 Nairobi Youth EP) sang along to his tracks word for word as if they had contributed to the lyrics. It boldly signalled the rise of another young Kenyan rapper with a loyal fanbase behind him.

Mdogo Mdogo is a perfect listen during the pregame before you and the squad leave for the club. It’s packed with punny punchlines like “Kama mluhya na chai watatii”. And surprises you with a trippy trap interlude before taking you back to the smooth laid back vibe. 

Muda wangu umewadia Muddah wangu sai. The rising rapper has already been featured on TKR’s Redio Mapinduzi online radio show, deejayed at Blankets and Wine 10th year anniversary and at Africa Nouveau Festival 2019. He is ever determined to rise like an AfricaSun and live the Kenyan dream through his passion. Don’t you?

It's time for the young king to rise. Mdogo mdogo.

Aki wallai!

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