Mwami Drops The Video To His Infectious Debut Single "rektless"


“In many ways, this is what the club feels like to me, sensory overload.”

Left-of-field, Ugandan electronic artist Mwami has dropped the visuals to his infectious debut single “rektless”, released this past April. Directed by Space Gray and Mwami, the song’s music video aptly captures its edgy and dizzyingly enticing energy.

What is “rektless” about, what inspired the song?

Rektless was inspired by club culture and my interpretation of it.

What is the inspirations behind the visuals?

I feel like Space Gray and I had this unspoken goal to just capture the spirit of the song. It’s maximalist, rough-around-the-edges-nature is felt in all the excess. I adore club music of all kinds but I truly hate the club experience. In many ways, this is what the club feels like to me, sensory overload. With all that said, none of what you see was premeditated. The video was simply a fun experiment that came as the product of many people’s contributions. I can’t say we had high ambitions for the video but that was never really the point. This was an organic opportunity to knowingly and unknowingly collaborate with some great minds. The only real ambition for me was to give as many people as possible the chance to come into the early unravelings of the world that this is building upon.

Who did you work with?

Major thank you to Space Gray, Kenyan visual artist Michael Macharia, Passion Production Studios, ALT HAUS, and AMPRSND for stringing this together.

You recently put out the “rektless” variety pack, do you have a larger project in the works?

Broadening the ways that people from all over the world can stumble upon my work is a major component in our strategy. I want to stretch that to its utmost limit before detailing how this feeds into a larger project.

Check the video out now.