Kerby's 'Ma-dame' Music Video Will Hypnotize You


Directed by Tweli G, Kerby and Kizazi Afriika are back with yet another wavy music video.

Ma-dame opens with Kerby standing shirtless, in the middle of a dusty road, back to us. A series of slow motion shots introduce us to the videos entrancing subjects, three eclectically dressed women each standing underneath the shade of a leafy tree, as Kerby drawls, ”Ushaa sikia ni kaa umerogwa yani, ni kaa umemeza dawa”. Basically, Kerby’s been bewitched by some African queens, and you’re about to be as well.

It’s difficult not to be fixated by the women who hypnotically stare into, and smile at the camera. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of the video is the slow motion rotating shots which are juxtaposed with fast motion between scenes making you feel as if you too are being put under a spell.

The videos outdoor setting serves is as an ode to Kerby’s love for nature whilst the costumes - furry coats, swanky sunglasses, bold jewelry, colourful prints - stay true to his flair for the eclectic. Check out the video above.