7 Music Videos You Might Have Missed So Far In 2019


Since we have officially reached the half mark of the year and in spirit of #PlayKeMusic, I thought it would only be right to showcase some amazing music videos that have come from the 254 so far.

While music is the main focus, it’s no denial that video producers, directors and writers play a huge role in creating great quality creative content in the music video industry here in Kenya. Together with musicians, they team up to create visual content that we know carries a songs message in a strong way.

Below are my top pics in no particular order:

Steph Kapela - Exposure

Exposure is a hard-hitting freestyle off his latest EP “Free Steph” which is displayed in a clever combination of both lyric and music video. It was shot by Callivan Creatives and edited by Record House and is sure to entertain as well as educate as it touches on matters #PlayKeMusic

Golden Pineapples - Dai ft. Kahvinya

At the end of last year Dai blessed us with a music video to her song “Lies” and now as we look forward to the release of her upcoming EP “Dai Dream”, she released another video “Golden Pineapples” alongside Kahvinya which is also off her upcoming EP about a month ago. The video is a celebration of women and the power they hold within themselves and for other women too. It was shot, directed and edited by frequent collaborator Natasha Ayoo. Talk about full on girl power!

Chris Kaiga - ZIMENICE ft. Tezzla

If you haven’t seen this music video, then you’ve probably heard this song playing around Nairobi clubs, houses and even traffic. “Zimenice” is a happy-go-lucky song performed by Chris Kaiga and Tezzla which tells the story of being happy and high like everyday was the weekend. The video was directed by FRNCK and was shot at the Coast of Kenya. The video definitely tells the story of “Zimenice” in a perfect playful coastal holiday setting that will definitely make you wish everyday was a holliday.

Karun - Roses | Live at the Glow Sessions (Ep. 1)

Roses is no doubt one of Karun’s best releases with over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone. Last year she released an official music video to the fan favorite, but this year as we anticipate the release of her next album “Glow” she promises to deliver a series of Glow Sessions which are live renditions of songs off the album. The first episode is a heartfelt rendition of ‘Roses’ originally produced by Ukweli. The rosy feel and aesthetic of the video was directed and edited by Brendern Denoussse (Ukweli) and George Mugambi. We look forward to feeling more of the album through the Glow Sessions live renditions.

Mr. LU° & Chevy Kev - Cheza Ka Wewe

Off their joint album KiiNYUME released under collective XPRSO, Mr. LU° and Chevy Kev deliver an energetic and rebellious music video to the song “Cheza Ka Wewe” shot and directed by Clench and Mr. LU° on top of Nairobi Sky Scrappers. It’s short, sweet and most definitely a strong music video to watch.

Mikel Ameen - GIVE IN 2 U ft Shappaman

This one is shot, directed and edited by the one and only Emma Nzokia aka Coco Em, a woman of many skills and talents. The song along with the video is a fun, hearty and energetic journey carried through by Mr. World Changer aka Mikel Ameen and Shappaman himself. I think the video does the song great justice in accordance to the message. The feelings, the qualms and the realisations can be seen and felt through the screen. If you haven’t seen nor heard it already, you’re welcome!

Dope-I-Mean - Shambhala

Dope-I-Mean is a member of AD Family and Shambhala is a track off his latest EP titled the same name. ADF is a collective, but they still release some of their own work individually. Shambhala is an example of this. The track is a mellow and chilled out tune and so is the music video which was shot and directed by Mike Lolly P, which is simple cut and clear to the point.