Kerby Delivers A New Perspective On “Trap”

“I just don’t know how to trap, by 2am I’m sleepy”

How many can relate?

Carried through by saucy trap beats by Afamefuna, Kerby shows us how one can love to indulge in bouncy trap songs but at the same time not want to be part of the trap life itself. As catchy and bouncy as all other trap songs, “Trap” is fun and colourful to mess around with, and like it or not, you will find yourself jumping around and bobbing your head to this fresh new track.

Shot, directed and edited by CJ Pixels, the video captures Kerby’s jumpy and energetic personality but the fact that he prefers to party and trip in nature and open spaces, as opposed to an enclosed trap house, is highly emphasised. He jumps around the videos nature setting in a child-like manner, while maintaining a calm stature, letting us know just how carefully he chooses who to spend his energy and time with, where and how.

For those who are not familiar with what a trapping is, it is the gathering of people in a house or room where heavy bass music such as trap is played as they indulge in different forms of intoxicants a.k.a drugs of their choice. The idea is staying fully indoors whilst partying and enjoying yourself until you lose track of time, usually cycles of day and night. This is where Kerby insists that by 2 or 3am he’s already tired, sleepy and in need of some rest and no matter what, he will find he is way to it.

Is this is a message for safe spaces and comfort?

At some point in the song, he mentions that he can only stay up into the morning hours around serene spaces like Naivasha and Kilifi, around people who care about his well being, (Cue Alessia Cara - Here) Coincidence? I think not. This is an ‘anti-party anthem’ for the people who still like to go out and have fun with their friends, but in ‘healthier’ ways.

The video captures how vibrant and calm his persona is which is echoed in the song itself. Almost as if he’s putting out a call for balance. Can you dig it?

Shout out to Kizazi Afrika for the good work.