“Be it Truth, Be it Lies - Mkitaka nitawaambia. Juu Mbinguni wote wanataka kuingia’

Last year, The Nest Collective shared their debut album named ‘SWEET AND SAWA’ with the world which really came through and delivered. It is a 10 track album written, produced and performed by the collective itself, and can be found on all available platforms through this link.

The Nest Collective - Sweet And Sawa

The Nest Collective - Sweet And Sawa


Track number 4 titled ‘Heri’ is a song that came along with much to think about, and if you didn’t quite catch its meaning they took it upon themselves to release a lyric video early this month which highlights the perspective through which the song was written.

With verses from the Neo-Liberal testament, translated from the Gospel of the Hustle, the phrases and motions highlighted in the video are sure to captivate you.

“Ningekuwa Pastor, O lucky me. Juu yangu Salary ingekuwa tax free 

“Achana na Maswali, say a Prayer and Believe”

 “Kila Sunday kumbukeni Pastor wenu hawezi onekana akiwa Masikini” 

It speaks on how false pastors leech and take advantage of ‘lost souls’ who come seeking guidance from the church. The empty promises made, the saviour complex that is given to some of them, such that their congregation digs so deep into their empty pockets to serve their leaders into making sure that they live a good and comfortable life because they are the vessel through which God delivers their blessings. If only they’d pay enough they would get their blessings.

The video shows scenes in which congregations seems lost in intoxicating trances and belief, as the pastor justifies his reasons for asking and doing what he does to get what he wants and needs. More than anything, the song along with the video delivers a sobering message that many should look keenly into as we look forward to more work from the collective and their brilliant minds!

In case this is your first time hearing about this phenomenal group of people: they are a multidisciplinary arts collective based in Nairobi that started out in 2012 with a sum total of 12 members who work together in film, fashion, visual arts and music. You can follow the link below to find out more about what they do.