Everyone’s Just Winging It and Other Fly Tales


The much anticipated video from Blinky Bill’s project ‘Everyone’s Just Winging It and Other Fly Tales’ finally dropped last week on Valentine’s day to much appraisal. The video gives us a look into the world and life of Bill Selanga, and how far he has come.


Mungu Halali is a Swahili term that translates to "God doesn’t sleep”. In this video, he shows us the amount of faith it has taken for his dreams to come true. Kicking off with a short voice over from renown presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela who praises the song and its message, the video which immediately hits you with a sense of nostalgia guided by a lo-fi feel of a record player leading in to the start of the song. Shot and directed by his longtime friend and former band member Mbithi Masya (director of award winning film Kati Kati), the visuals deliver Blinky’s journey through different parts Nairobi with what seems like the people and places that have helped him get to where he is.

Numerous cameos of friends and family are shown throughout the video with reels of busy Nairobi streets, food and clothing vendors, graffiti painted walls and even a barber shop where Blinky gets his hair trimmed. It features the vocals of Sage, Sarah Mitaru, Wambura Mitaru and Lisa Oduor, who carry the gospel feel of the song into a praise song. If you’re keen enough, you’ll recognise some key places in Nairobi such as Kenyatta Market and the owner of the infamous vinyl store at stall 570, and many others. The most tantalising bits of the video are the final scenes where we see Blinky standing in front of a wall covered with his name in bold which is then set on fire. It sends a strong message:

“Ashajionyesha, Anajionyesha, Atajionyesha”

“He has shown up, He is showing up and He will continue to show up”


 Check out the third video from his latest album on the link below: