Karun's 'Glow Up' Is All About Loving Yourself and Your Girls


Karun’s first single, Glow Up, off of her upcoming project is finally here! Teaming up with frequent collaborators, producers Ukweli and Sichangi, the singer/songwriter successfully proves that not every love song has to be centered around boys as she delivers an anthem about showing love to your girls and yourself.

Self-love is the ultimate form of love, and Karun makes sure to remind us of this on Glow Up’s first verse as she sings, “See I’ve realised the secret to my worth/What ever happens I will put me first”. She then goes on to emphasize the fact that nothing compares to the love shared between you and your girls as she croons “Sister love forever/Forever” on the songs outro.

Glow Up’s catchy hook,“I never seen you glow up like this before yeah/ I’m taken aback, hold up let me explore ya/ Yeah I’ve never see you glow up like this before yeah/You’re taking me back, Oh baby i’d like to know ya”, can be interpreted in two ways: as an ode to your sista’s from different mista’s; and as a celebration of you finally finding peace within yourself and feeling confident in your own skin

The songs colourful video, artfully directed by Andrew Mageto & Ray Otieno, aptly articulates ‘Glow Up’s meaningful message. Karun enlists a squad of baddies, which includes rapper Monski, rapper/singer Vallerie Muthoni, DJ Shishi Wanj, R&B singer-songwriter Xeniah, artist Janice Iche for the visuals. Shots of her and her girls, dressed in monochromatic fits, confidently staring down the camera, laughing, embracing each other, and showing off some fierce dance moves are the ultimate squad goals.

So go on, call up your girls and bump this tune as you celebrate yoursleves!