Why You Need To Follow #PlayKEMusic On Instagram


If you live in Kenya, much less Nairobi, by now you’ve seen posts and heard conversations concerning the lack of support Kenyans give their musicians and artists in the harsh world of the #trending social media space that exists today.

It is no secret that social media has caused a huge shift in the way we give out, absorb, and react to information and news. Music is no different. Today, it is largely marketed through social media and success rates are based on the majority’s opinions and views made. What’s your opinion on Kenyan Music? Comment and let us know.

 The majority of Kenyans think that it is what the media (TV and Radio) feeds - or rather spoon feeds us and not what is actually made by Kenyans for Kenyans, below the surface and above the hype. Most don’t want to search for the music, but rather want to be fed the music.

From    playkemusic365   , artwork by Kevin Provoke

From playkemusic365, artwork by Kevin Provoke

 Are we still living in the 20th Century?

As an advocate for #PlayKeMusic and #PlayGoodMusic overall, I know and believe that there is a lot of talent out here waiting to be discovered by the right people. However, sound, mix & master engineer Jaaz Odongo is not one of those people waiting on time and fate so that these artists  get the credit they deserve. He has taken it upon himself to educate (or rather Spoon Feed) the masses with an Instagram page - @playkemusic365. It holds the objective of promoting musical talent from and across the country for 365 days, leaving no genre behind. Old school and Nu School sounds are presented in his initiative, including : Hip-Hop, Funk, House, Jazz, Reggae, and everything in between.

From    playkemusic365   , artwork by Kevin Provoke

From playkemusic365, artwork by Kevin Provoke

The page was set up on the 15th on January 2019 with the help of Kevin Provoke’s art work and it has been active ever since.

So far he has shed light on artists such as Steph Kapela, Prxxnce, Phy, Mayonde, Mankind, Sage and even legends like Mercy Myra and P-Unit. Granted, there are artists on this platform that are unheard of, but isn’t that the whole point of the hashtag? It sheds light on super talented and underrated artists that Kenyans need to move their attention to.

Not only does the page promote local talent, but it also reminds us of how much talent we’ve ALWAYS had. If we gave each other a chance, we would all thrive.

Let us not allow ourselves to believe that we are talentless or unworthy. We have plenty of musical and artistic talent in the country and people like Jaaz Odongo and his team are here to show us just that.

Go follow the page link and make a point of listening to 365 days of Great Kenyan Music.

Link to page: https://www.instagram.com/playkemusic365/