RU.BY Teases ‘HEY THERE’ EP With A Sweet, Short film


The scene opens with the sound of calming waters as Ru.By subliminally but so openly says "Hey There" to us with the gentle look in her eyes. “Hey There” is the title of her upcoming EP and the short film she's just about to present to us, a Raww Films Production, Directed by Jeremiah Amdany and other collaborative efforts.

RU.BY shot by Allan Ondara

RU.BY shot by Allan Ondara

The "sweet & spicy hummingbird" kicks us off with a little poem about a complicated love story feeding us visions of her sweetness and slightly bitter past.

The beginning.

Giving us melancholy memories while presently hypnotising us at the same time, she moves from sultry harmonies to brief rap poetry throughout the film.

"Our souls were once intertwined like the vines of the grapes that we drank our wine"

"We drank our love it felt so divine. I craved getting drunk on you, now tell me was it a crime?”

"Cz once I was your fine wine so fly and now I'm just a drive by”

It concludes a story of wasted love, a story most can relate to and appreciate. The honesty and rawness of her words topped with light melodic sounds have me drawn in. I cannot help but rewind and start it again just to savour it in all its glory once, twice and thrice more.

The visuals perfectly articulate the cry of the hummingbird for her lost lover, giving us scenic scenarios that tell a story from her point of view and how she dealt with it. Set with tones of warmth and contemplated forgiveness, I can guarantee you that you will think of your once lost lover and press the replay button just to think about them again.

I have to stay I'm really looking forward to the release of this EP and its entire artistry. Kudos to Ru.By and her team for doing such a marvellous job on this teaser.

For now it's "Hey There" until the full story unfolds.