Listen To Jinku And Wanja Wohoro's Psychedelic "Dust" EP

Jinku and Wanja Wohoro take us on a cosmic journey on their two-track EP, Dust. This downtempo, electronic, alternative project is a perfect combination of soul and afro-futurism.

Jinku, who is 1/5 of the eclectic Kenyan DJ/producer collective EA Wave, is known for creating afro-influenced, psychedellic dance music and the sounds on this project are no different. Punchy synthsdrawn out pads and unmistakable Afro-house percussion come together futuristic, three-dimensional feel.  

Both "Dust" and "Poison" are soaked in melancholy, loneliness and abandonment. Singer/songwriter Wanja Wohoro's raw lyrics evoke these feelings as she soulfully croons “Am I alone/My feelings matter” on "Dust", and calls out "Freefallin’/I can’t take no more" on "Poison. Her celestial harmony's delicately drift in and out of each track as Jinku's tasteful arrangement creates the illusion of the sound bouncing from one ear to another.

Despite being two songs long, Dust definitely does not fall short and is a must-listen.-to.